Welcome to MAS.MY, the Manga and Anime Society.

This is a place for fans and artists interested in manga and anime to gather and talk about their favourite series, as well as discover new series.

What is manga?
Manga is Japanese for "comics" or "printed cartoons". Obviously there are many types of comics, but manga is specifically Japanese comics.

What is anime?
Anime, short for animation, is Japanese animated TV shows and movies. Anime is usually, but not always, derived from manga.

What are the genres?
Generally manga and anime can be categorised as action, adventure, drama, game-based, horror and Sci-Fi.

What does this site offer?

  • Periodical articles and reviews on manga and anime
  • Reprocical Link
  • Free event listing
  • Market place for manga & anime exchange

How to contact you?
We can be contacted here.